Fashion Design

Digital designs, garments, inspiration boards and fashion ilustration. Enjoy my fashion design projects.

Fur Inspiration Boards

My inspiration comes from the nature and human heritage of races. Our heritage comes from our past civilizations. While the color of nature gives us the extraordinary discretion to carefully select, every beautiful color. Approximately, they are sixty of winter flowers. That unique brightness and stunning flowers are a perfect setting to create magnificent fur coats. It will be delightful to create these fur coats.


Bolero Jacket

Every woman should sophisticated an outfits with a bolero jacket. I designed her garment to wear with confidence.


PortfolioFashion Published Videos

I present my collection of modeling pictures. I would like to display my creativity. You can observe the most recent work inside my portfolio including videos, designs, campaign and covers.

Services Profesional and Quality Services

I offer many services in the world of fashion business:

  • Runway Model
  • Print Model
  • Actor
  • Menswear Stylist
  • Fashion TV Producer
  • Projects For The Community
  • Fashion Public Corporation

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Address: Downtown Brooklyn, N.Y.