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Measures: Kenneth John
Height 6’1’’ (1.85)
Waist 31 (81)
Jacket 38 (48)
Inseam 33 (84)
Shirt 14 1/2 x 33 (38)
Shoe 10 1/2
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Light Brown

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"My duty is to understand. To understand the world. To rediscover different types of beauty, art, and fashion. To reach maximum cultivation of soul, health, nature, and happiness. The profound alignment with knowledge, which is the fundamental part of healing this world. If you find homeostasis, you can save the world."

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I present my collection of modeling pictures. I would like to display my creativity. You can observe the most recent work inside my portfolio including videos, designs, campaign and covers.

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I offer many services in the world of fashion business:

  • Runway Model
  • Print Model
  • Actor
  • Menswear Stylist
  • Fashion TV Producer
  • Projects For The Community
  • Fashion Public Corporation

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